Need help building your own channel?

Great! That is what TV Channel Press is here for. Building a Roku channel can be challenging for non-techies. We get it! That is why we built TV Channel Press, to relieve you of all the technical setup and reading. Roku’s Direct Publisher is an amazing way to put all of your videos together on an easy-to-navigate streaming TV channel. If you have a YouTube channel and are looking to reach a new audience, a Roku Direct Publisher channel may be the way to go.

We offer two solutions: monthly and annual. Our annual plan members have the added benefit of having TV Channel Press, not only build your direct publisher channel, but we will also submit it to Roku and do all of the communication with them, leaving you to just enjoy your channel, the subscribers, and the monetization opportunities.

It is true that you can do it the hard way by typing all of the code into a file and submitting it to Roku or you can let our simple WordPress interface do the coding for you.