I do not have a Roku Channel, but I would like one. How do I get started?

We have detailed instructions on getting set up with building a Roku channel. If you purchase our yearly plan, TV Channel Press can also create a Direct Publisher channel for you at TV Channel Press directly on your own Roku account or we can host it on ours.

That's cool that we can update our Roku channel with WordPress. How do we use WordPress for this?

Our custom WordPress plugin utilizes WordPress’ key features similar to creating a simple blog post or page. Please see our documentation or video tutorials on how to use WordPress to create your feeds.

I read that TV Press Channel will create and submit a Roku direct publisher channel for free. What are the details?

Yes, but there are restrictions. Please see the full details at https://tvchannelpress.com/free-roku-channel-development-and-submission/

Can I use my regular YouTube channel?

Unfortunately, Roku does not support YouTube. We hope look forward to seeing that as much as you, but for now, you can use any of the video cloud hosting services including Vimeo Pro and Amazon S3.

Does TV Channel Press host my videos?

Yes, we will host your videos for starting at $1.99 per month per video. You also have the option of using several cloud storage providers. Our recommendation is Vimeo Pro which works really well with Roku. If you have an Amazon AWS account, S3 is also a good solution. YouTube is not a feasible storage solution for Roku videos.

To have us host your videos for starting at $1.99 per month per video, please read the details on our Video Hosting page.

With this service, can it behave like Netflix or Hulu?

Yes, we get this question all of the time. By upgrading to our “SERIES” service, your videos can appear in on-demand episodes grouped by series, just like any other prime time show on traditional television or modern platforms such as Netflix.

I heard about this new exciting 'TV Network version'! What is it?

The TV Network (agency version) allows you to manage multiple Roku channels. This is a great way for you to make money by charging other video producers to host their show on your network. You will be able to manage multiple Roku channels and also have the power to include any of your videos between them. With this exciting option, you have the power to add a video to one channel or several. The choice is yours. You can also make money this way by building and hosting TV channels for anys of your clients.