Are you struggling with your Roku Direct Publisher setup? Are you having trouble understanding what a feed is and if you need MRSS or the JSON option? Well, we have the solution:

We will build your Roku Direct Publisher channel for you and submit it to Roku on your behalf!

It is true that setting up a Roku channel can be challenging. Our clients have come to us after giving up and not passing Roku’s submission review process. Some of clients have been trying for 2 years. Another client was trying for 5 long years. We have the process down and know what Roku is looking for when reviewing your channel.

We have gotten our clients’ website approved in as quickly as 3 days!

We have worked closely with the Roku Partner Success team to fix the issues with our clients’ website. TV Channel Press was started for that purpose; we provide a quick and easy way to manage your Roku video feeds. TV Channel Press uses Roku’s recommended JSON format and we do it all through WORDPRESS. Since WordPress powers 25% of the internet, we felt this was a good way to go with the process of creating Roku JSON feeds for Direct Publisher.

We Love WordPress!

With TV Channel Press, you use a simple WordPress post interface to create each video entry:

  • Use the Featured Image for your Roku video thumbnail
  • Use the post category feature for your video genre.
  • Fill out a simply form to add all details including video title, descriptions, duration, type, and more
Requirements, Eligibility, Terms & Conditions
Please read these important details on having TV Channel Press build your Roku Direct Publisher channel:
  • We build one Roku Direct Publisher channel per paid annual membership.
  • This free service is only available with the Professional or Unlimited option of the Annual plan.
  • This service is not available with our free pricing plan or for any option under our Monthly plan.
  • We do not set up the Roku member subscription service at this time.
  • This service is not available for the Roku SDK (software development kit). We only build you a Roku Direct Publisher channel under this free service.
  • This service is available under your Roku development account or you may opt to use ours.
  • TV Channel Press does not make any promise as to when your channel will go live as this is an external process by Roku itself. Once we submit your channel, it is up to Roku to decide when your channel will be tested and live. However, we make every effort to create you a channel and get it published as soon as possible.
  • TV Channel Press is not responsible for Roku’s decision to unpublish your website for any reason as this may be due to a change in their terms of service, video content guidelines, and for any other reason.
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