If you are familiar with creating blog posts and pages on WordPress, then you already know how to use our service. Simply log into the WordPress account that we create for you, click on “Roku Videos” on the left and get creating your Roku feed with ease. Our documentation page contains content with a simple step-by-sist list on maintaining your Roku feed.

TV Channel Press Works With Roku Direct Publisher Feed

Roku offers two formats for Direct Publisher channels: Direct Publisher JSON Feed and MRSS and Direct Publisher Feed (JSON). This service currently works with Direct Publisher Feed (JSON). If you do not know what that is, do not worry. We have all the technical stuff covered. You simply fill in the form for each Roku video and then submit it to Roku by adding your personalized feed address.

We Make It Easy To Update Your Direct Publisher Channel

If you already have a Roku channel built by another developer and need a way to add new videos, TV Channel Press is the way to go. You simply log in to your TV Channel Press Manage account and add the information for each of your Roku videos like you would add a WordPress post. Your video information is already added to your feed. If your channel is already published on Roku, your videos will update within 24 to 48 hours, but you can always update your feed directly on your Roku account.

Do You Need Our Help Setting Up Your Channel On Roku?

We can help! For our Yearly plan customers, we do all the setup on Roku itself for your Direct Publisher account. You simply provide us some required, but simple information and we take care of the rest for you! See details on our Free Roku Setup Service.

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