This documentation will show you how to use our WordPress interface to add a video to your Roku Direct Publisher feed.

  1. Click on Roku Videos on the left.
  2. Click on Add New Roku Video
  3. Enter the title of your video. This will also be displayed as the title of your video on your Roku channel.
  4. Enter the short description for your video under 200 characters.
  5. Enter the long description for your video under 500 characters. (optional)
  6. Enter the video duration in seconds:
  7. Enter the URL of your video (i.e. Vimeo Pro, Amazon AWS, etc)
  8. Enter your video thumbnail (must be 800 pixels in width by 450 pixels in height) as per Roku’s Direct Publisher rules. Enter it into the Featured Image section.
  9. Enter your Roku tags as you would any WordPress post category
  10. Press Publish!